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Hey, I'm


I create addictive class concepts and sell-out

strategies to help group fitness instructors become




Founder and Creator of VeraFlow, FloorBarre, BarreBeats and many other fitness concepts, Naomi trains, supports and empowers dance and fitness professionals in their personal and business development. Her mission is to make your lives easier and much more enjoyable with less stress.

Her first loves are dance, chocolate and laughter!


Her extensive experience working as a group fitness presenter in a number of different countries, including the UK, Italy and South Africa, means Naomi has an in-depth knowledge of the industry and different cultures.  


Naomi is delighted to continue to share her love for dance with everyone - making it accessible to all. Her boundless energy, sincerity and commitment to ensuring all participants leave with confidence having had a memorable and entertaining time, has made Naomi a truly sought after presenter.


Seeing a gap in the market Naomi developed a new program, VeraFlow: Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this unique class experience with added sparkle. Low impact moves, balanced poses and stretching elements all inspired by timeless dance and fitness disciplines will leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated and empowered to dance your way through life instead of dealing with it.


Naomi was the original Zumba Education Specialist for Europe, South Africa and the Middle East, working for seven years training both future master trainers as well as instructors for the most popular fitness program and lifestyle brand in the world - Zumba®.


Fitness conventions include: Zumba conventions in Orlando, FIBO in Germany, Rimini Wellness in Italy, IFS, ProjectFit and Multitrax in the UK as well as the Discovery and Vuka Vuka conventions in South Africa. Naomi has also choreographed and been featured on Zumba® Fitness instructional DVDs and video games. 


Naomi was Head of Product at Tribeca Studios in Ealing, London for three years where, alongside teaching classes she created many exciting and innovative class concepts, trained and managed the instructors as well as managing a timetable of almost 150 classes per week. When Tribeca was acquired by Digme Fitness in 2019, Naomi was responsible for creating the 4 new RESTORE concepts: Ignite, Calm, Breathe and Recover.

Prior to the rise in popularity of Mindfulness Naomi had seen and experienced it's benefits for herself and aware that it would become a new craze she was able to infuse it into her program VeraFlow prior to the boom. In the same way Breathwork is set to be the next new movement and she has woven this into the new Digme RESTORE programs.


Naomi is passionate about creating unique class concepts and training instructors to teach incredible classes. If you are interested in finding out more about how Naomi can help your fitness centre, health club, leisure centre or boutique studio to offer and deliver exceptional classes get in touch!

Expertise in dance fitness and conditioning concepts, holistic classes, body-weight and small equipment classes as well as general instructor training on how to teach incredible classes.

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