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No barre? No problem!

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A ballet and Pilates inspired class set to a pumping playlist! 

Build a lean, toned dancer's physique as you lengthen, strengthen and define your entire body.

This is no walk in the park - you'll want it to stop but you won't be able to stop coming back for more!

Sculpt and Shred with Grace, Power and Purpose. 



No ballet barre is required so you can teach the class anywhere!

We use light hand weights (1-2kg) to tone and sculpt the upper body.

Naomi, the creator of Barre Beats studied with the Royal Academy of Dance trained and also studied at the Academia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, Italy. She is an international fitness presenter highly experienced in creating and delivering exceptional engaging and effective dance-based fitness classes.  

Use of music in a Barre Beats class is vital!  There's no background music in a barre beats class. Instead the music will help you feel inspired to continue, will bring dynamic and excitement to the class and a sense of doing this together as a group bound together by the shared energy and enthusiasm!

Most barre classes will have you pulsing in a squat, clinging onto the barre for dear life while your legs tremble and shake with an instructor shouting at you to hold that position and claiming the more you shake the better this is for your body...


Great technique, a proper understanding of what you're actually doing with your body and a variety of exercises based in ballet will help you to achieve incredible results in a fun way which is available to anyone. You do not need to have ballet experience to participate in or to teach a Barre Beats class.


"I get to be a badass ballerina!" - Kay

will you be one too?!

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