No barre? No problem!

What is floor barre?

It's like a ballet barre class but it is done on the floor.

Lengthen, strengthen, align and tone your body with ballet and Pilates inspired exercises on the floor. For anyone seeking a dancer's body. Wear socks or bare feet. No ballet or dance experience required!

First off you don't need a ballet barre so you can

teach the class anywhere!

Traditionally, ballerinas take floor barre classes to better understand their alignment and improve their dancing skills. It's also used for ballerinas in recovery from injuries.


Doing these exercises on the floor improves posture and body awareness in turn improving any work done standing.

It's also great for people with injuries and the elderly or anyone

else who doesn't have great balance!


What's so special about the floor?


There is NO license fee to pay and the training course is

open to everyone. This does of course mean the responsibility is with you to make sure you have the necessary insurance cover and knowledge to teach your classes safely.

You will be taught everything you need to know to create your own classes using music that you love and according to the needs and goals of your clients.

Download the full training course and start teaching

"You just have to experience it"

or so they say

What's Included in the training?

What is Floor Barre?

What is it and what are its origins

Why Floor Barre?

What are the benefits and who is the class aimed at

Being a great Floor Barre instructor

What it takes to deliver an incredible experience to your customers

The positions

All the arm, leg and body positions you need to know

Opening phase of the class (warm up)

How to begin your floor barre classes

The Exercises

A library of many different exercises you can include in your Floor Barre classes

Progressions, Adaptations and Modifications

How to increase difficulty and complexity so you can challenge regulars. 

How to modify and adapt movements to suit different levels and abilities.


A fundamental part of barre and ballet classes

Structure of a Floor Barre Class

Suggested structure of what exercises to include and how to format your classes to give customers what they want

Class preparation

Everything you need to consider when creating your floor barre classes including choreography, music, customer goals and much more

Two example classes

Videos, playlists and choreography notes for two example classes

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