Hi, I'm Naomi

I'm going to be your biggest cheerleader in achieving your health and fitness goals. We'll devise a program based on the latest scientific research tailored specifically to take you where you want to be.

What I'm NOT going to do:

  • give you a diet to follow

  • give you generic workouts

  • make you scared of moving

  • waste your time and money


If your time is precious and you want a personalised workout that will deliver on your goals, join me in my private studio in Egham for an exclusive Reformer Pilates and Kettlebell program designed to get you results

Take control of your own body and master movement

I work with people who are committed to

reaching their goals, whether that's

enhancing peak athletic performance or

being able to pick up the kids without suffering back pain or

feeling confident stepping out in your bikini

How we will work together

1. We'll get to know you and what you want to achieve through our work together

2. We'll decide on a personalised program that will get you were you want to be based on current evidence and guidelines

3. You'll have your own time slots throughout the week knowing that those are your dedicated times

4. We will always work towards your goals based on how you're feeling on the day and how your body responded to the previous workout

Pilates Practice on a Reformer

Why Reformer Pilates?

A Pilates Reformer is an incredible piece of equipment which you'll love from the first time you use it!


The versatility of the Reformer allows for varied and interesting workouts which target specific muscle groups whilst supporting your body.

Why should you care? It's going to help you sculpt your body with long, lean muscles and increase your overall strength and flexibility so you'll be able to reach your body goals.

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebells allow for functional movements which predominantly target your glutes, hamstrings, back and core. 

We will replicate movement patterns that are performed in everyday life increasing your strength and coordination.

Why should you care?

Your body will change and your ability to perform movements efficiently will be enhanced.

Kettlebell Workout
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"Naomi is one of the most empowering and encouraging instructors you could ever workout with. Classes with her made me realise I was capable of a lot more than I thought my body could do, and to top it off she makes it fun to move. My fitness has improved so much since attending her classes and I've never felt fitter, stronger, or bendier, and the process has been so much fun because of Naomi!"


Got questions?

I've got answers

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