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VeraFlow is the dance-based stretch class with mindfulness

Who is Vera?

Not my great aunt!
Vera means 'true' in Italian and VeraFlow is all about

finding your true flow in body and mind

Not quite ready? That's ok

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So, it's a dance class with some stretching and relaxation at the end?

Not exactly. The stretching is mixed into the dance routines and continues throughout the class.

All the routines are choreographed to the music.


The class starts with a warm-up, progresses through standing routines, then moves to the floor and finally to a mindfulness exercise where you most likely be sitting or lying down on a mat on the floor.

What is Mindfulness?

Being mindful is not falling asleep!

Yes, the mindfulness section at the end of the class is usually a relaxing experience and that's because you're finally giving yourself time to just be with you.


Mindfulness meditation and visualisation exercises can help you to calm your mind and to find peace. They can help you to get a clearer understanding of how things really are – to get perspective.


Once you get good at being mindful you'll find that how you react to your every day life will begin to change. Aim to bring mindfulness into your workouts too throughout your VeraFlow classes.


"You just have to experience it"

or so they say

is for you if...

You love to dance and you love great music

The whole class is choreographed to music that will move you.

If you used to dance a VeraFlow class will take you back

and give you those butterly feelings again.

Throughout a VeraFlow class you'll hear a mix of different music styles.

Click below for a link to one of our playlists

Naomi I just want to say THANK YOU for touching us

VeraFlow instructors with the most incredibly moving music. There isn't one tune on either playlist

that I don't utterly adore! 


I urge anyone that hasn't already to try a #‎VeraFlow class find an instructor near you and try it - I promise you will feel free of tension, stress and tightness its just bliss.

You know what it's like to feel stressed

Put your hand up if you feel stressed at least once a day.

We recently did a poll on Twitter and found that 86% of people feel stressed every day and the remaining 14% felt stressed at least once a week!


Exercise is well-dcocumented to help you feel in better spirits, add mindfulness into the mix and you've got a recipe for living a much less stressful life.


As an instructor not only will you be helping yourself but you'll have the opportunity to make a massive impact on many lives helping people to live stress-free.

You have muscular pain

There really is no need to live with muscular pain in your life.

If your muscles hurt you could go for a massage - sounds nice but just add up how much that will cost you each week!


Or you could teach regular VeraFlow classes which will give you a workout, improve your flexibility, balance and coordination as well as train you to be more mindful. 


This is a huge selling point for participants but think of how it can benefit you as well. After all your livelihood counts on your body! 


According to many class participants you'll feel like you had a full body massage

(no, not one of the nice relaxing ones, but a sports massage. So you'll get the benefit but without the elbows digging into you!)

You find yoga and pilates boring

Just as VeraFlow is not for everyone, yoga and pilates are not for everyone either.

That is, everyone is able to them with the correct instruction, but

not everyone will want to participate or want to teach. And that's ok.


If you find yoga and pilates boring, VeraFlow offers an alternative with engaging music, a variety of interesting stretching techniques and 

mindfulness practise without any of the weird spiritual stuff.


Plus points for instructors as well as participants.

You need to teach classes which look after your body instead of make it fall apart!

Programs like Zumba have contributed to injuries and pain because we've been making our bodies perform movements they weren't used to doing. 


In addition, the huge rise in popularity of HIIT concepts has meant we are putting our bodies under extreme strain to keep up with the latest trends.


Even yoga, traditionally a restorative program, has turned competitive for many people who instead of listening to their bodies, try to get into poses that their body isn't quite ready for.


These programs are not bad. But you need to give your body a chance to rest and recover otherwise it will probably lead to injuries, muscle tension and stress.


There is no impact in a VeraFlow class and it will be a welcome relief and restorative class to balance out your current class timetable.

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Because of VeraFlow I discovered how to manage my lower back ache! 

I always enjoy your Zumba class Cath but VeraFlow wow I really feel I've stretched parts of my body I didn't know I had!!! Lovely dance moves and the mediation/mindfulness at the end made me soooo calm and relaxed. Loved it come on ladies give it a go.