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Feel strong and

pain-free in only

1 hour per week!

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I'm on a mission to help you develop a regular exercise habit which you are motivated to actually do.

Don't like gyms? You're in the right place!

I will work with you to create a personal plan to get your body at the best it's ever been in a way that suits you.

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Does this sound like       ?



You're feeling your age. Your back hurts and you feel physically uncomfortable a lot of the time.

You wish you could be more motivated to exercise but you just can't make yourself do it.

You tried going to a gym, but you didn't know where to start and you feel intimidated and embarrassed.

Let me help you feel strong and pain-free in just

60-minutes per week!

Find your favourite workout gear, we're going to get sweaty, sculpt our bodies and stretch it all out.
You are going to be feeling your most               self!


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"Naomi is one of the most empowering and encouraging instructors you could ever workout with. Classes with her made me realise I was capable of a lot more than I thought my body could do, and to top it off she makes it fun to move. My fitness has improved so much since attending her classes and I've never felt fitter, stronger, or bendier, and the process has been so much fun because of Naomi!"


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I have a freebie for you


You'll get access to a new stretch tutorial video each day for 30 days as well as a BONUS flow video at the end of each week. Stretching doesn't have to be boring or take up loads of time! Just give it a few minutes each day and you'll notice a huge difference in how your body feels!

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